Visual Artists

Here is a list of visual artists/designers I’ve been able to interview.

Paul Branton: Get To A Point Where You Have No Fear When Creating

Bianca Pastel Prefers to Experience Her Happiness on the Journey, Rather Than at The Destination.

Charlie Alright Developed His Body of Work Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Kate Lewis Wants To Be Remembered For Making a Difference In People’s Lives.

Silvia Tangaro Creates To Feed Her Soul

Artist Jasmina Cazacu Describes Her Artwork as Dark, Powerful, and Provocative

René Marban: Be Patient, Whatever is Meant to Happen, WILL HAPPEN.

Mia Gears Up For The Release of Her Debut Cartoon Unwonderful World

Cam Collins Creates Around Victimization, Abundance, and Human Nature

Visual Story Telling of Alan Zhang

Darius Airo Is Absolutely Endowed in The Work of The Chicago Imagists

Ashlee Stewack Draws Inspiration From Meditation and Intuitive Arts

Antonio Beniquez: You Are Who You Are Because of Where You Come From

Sam Kirk: The Purpose Of My Work Is To Get People To Open Their Minds

Get To Know Keith Smith aka Afrokilla

Rodney Dollah: I Believe The Worst Thing Could Be, Not To Be Remembered and Just Plain Old Forgotten.

CJ Hungerman: I Wish We Could Be Harmonious, Like My Paintings

Get To Know Ryan Duggan of Drug Factory Press

Conrad Javier Talks About Bleacher Report, Creating Digital Work, & Being A Freelancer

Chris Orta Looks To Expand and Explore On Where He Can Take His Art

Hector Silva Wants To Be Remembered For His Service To The Community

Mike Hedges: It’s Almost Impossible To Find a Work of Art Meaningless

Surreal, Illusionistic, and Magical Realism Are Three Ways To Describe Jason Brammer’s Artwork

Get To Know Max Morris

Jim Bachor Is Much More Than Just The Artistic Pothole Guy

Each Painting Led To The Rebirth Of Caroline Liu

Kayla Mahaffey Wants To Leave People With a Feeling of Triumph and Inspiration Through Her Artwork

Oscar Joyo Mixes & Matches Subjects To Create New Perspectives

Dig Deeper Than What Is On The Surface: Chantala Kommanivanh

Davey Friday Is Heavily Influenced By The Late 19th/Early 20th-Century Art Scene

Get Familiar With Garfield Loving Shawn Bowers

Jourdon Gullett Believes In The Importance Of Making Your Passion Your Life

Sergio Farfáns Artwork Blends His Past Experiences In Peru & His Life In Chicago

Get To Know Boundaryless Artist Danny Sobor

Get In Tune With One Of The Best Graphic Designers, DJ Diabetes.

Throughout Kawaii Suga’s Artwork, You Will See Contradictions Within Female Sexuality, Symbolism, and Power.

Joe Renda Finds Inspiration Through Contrast and How Opposites Attract

Get To Know Diana Pietrzyk

Mac Blackout Gears Up For His Solo Show and Book Release Show 12/08 at Galerie F

La Lune Noire Tarot By Jesi Garcia

Blues and Pinks Represent The Spectrum of Anelly Vazquez’s Dream-like Fantasy World

Create Shit You Like and Your Audience Will Find You – By Blake Jones

Enter Into The World of Bunny XLV

Transforming The Image Of An Artist In History Is The Reason Why Roland Santana Creates

Josh Grotto Creates Visual Samples By Piecing Together Shapes and Images.

Rich Alapack Looks To Make A Monumental Change Across Society With We All Live Here

Vivian Le Creates Images To Express Herself And Communicate With others.

Making The Transition From Rockford To Chicago, Jacob Polhill Is Now Feeling The Most Inspired

Nate Otto Is Constantly Inspired By The Architectural Surroundings of Chicago

Learn How Gallery 37 Helped Shape Jonathan Carradine’s Career in Art

Get To Know David Jensen Of Practice Daily

Hip-Hop Illustrations By Tessa

Are You Into Illustration? Check Out Sean Williams

Enter Into The Mind Of Cam Collins

Take A Step Into Junk Yards Realm

Common threat: A brief inquiry into the world of Casper Wright

Get To Know Armani Howard: Rediscovering Imagination as an adult.

Chuck Anderson talks NoPattern, working at Havas, and more.

Get to know Bryant Giles

Matthew Hoffman talks You Are Beautiful

Nikko Washington talks influences, political artwork, .Wav Theory, and more