Papi Interview (16 of 45).jpgWhat’s up everyone, my name is Nico Rud. I’m a creative, that has multiple hats. I’m into journalism, strategy, research/analytics, graphic design, and more. When I moved to Chicago, I quickly realized that I was surrounded by so much talent, and I figured I would look to help play a part in showcasing that talent.  Chicago Creatives was started in late 2015 to help push the artistic culture forward here in Chicago. I love being able to hear peoples stories and how they were able to get into the position they are in today. Chicago Creatives is more than me, it’s more than you, it’s about US. Coming together as creatives and helping each other out is what I look to continue to do.  I have now been able to do over 200 interviews of the two years and always looking to do more. 




  1. Spot on! although a dark time in your life sounds like you battled back nicely .. Amazing photos!
    Thanks for sharing –


  2. Hey Nico,

    How are you?

    I am highly connected to the underground Hip Hop scene, art, literary, film, etc.

    Some of my good friends are The Cool Kids, Flosstra, Tomorrow Kings, etc. Not sure if you heard of them.

    I think what you are doing here has great potential and can blow up, especially with my experience and contacts.

    Definitely think we should get coffee and discuss this project.

    Josh MacNeal


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