Here are the interviews I’ve done with photographers/videographers in Chicago. 

Learning What It Means To Be Human with Ashley O’Shay

Tim Nagle Narrates the Chicago Music Scene With His Camera

Michaela Quan & the Journey of Self-Affirmation

A Photographic Journey Through The Lens of Nick Lipton

Weird Life Films Captures the Chicago Vision

Cole Schwartz Believes Anything You Want To Do, You Can Do

Lawrence Agyei Looks To Tell a Story Through Each Photo He Captures

Adam Jason Cohen Documents Chicago’s Social Landscape and Human Condition

Get To Know Pat Banahan

Get To Know JP Calubaquib

Evan Brightfield Describes His Work As ‘Unfamiliar Perspectives of Familiar Subjects’

Nick Ulivieri: If You Love What You Do, You’re Willing To Work Every Day of Your Life

Nathan Michael Talks About His New Podcast, The Creative Muscle.

Alex Tan

Trey Legit

Evan Sheehan

Gareth Pon

Oscar Castillo

The O.X. Project

Craig Shimala

Des Money

Liam Trumble


Bryan Allen Lamb

Zoe Rain

Jason Peterson

Alan Sarrol

Vince Sirico

Josh Woo


Max Schreier

Chris Colvin

Craig Hensel

Kuya Kevin

Elise Swopes “Let Your Gr-r-reat Out” Campaign

Kuya Kevin

Estevan Cruz

Robert Beckman

Donald Trump Inauguration Protest

Dolly Avenue

Caleb Zahm


Shahrnaz Javid

Matt Andersen

Michael Salisbury

Evan Brown

René Marban

Jameel Bridgewater

Blake Pleasant




In The Bandos