Common threat: A brief inquiry into the world of Casper Wright

What’s going on, introduce yourself to the people

My name is Casper Wright. I’m a 19-year-old artist/designer creating visual deception through the project Gutter and my art.

How was life growing up in Cleveland?

Life was pretty 2-D back then. I was big into skateboarding before art. 

When did you begin to find your creative talents?

I started finding my creative talent while I was in high school. I first began drawing three years ago in my Art Therapy classes. Early on I had a mentor back in Cleveland. We would just hang out, vibe, and create together. Our relationship was cool because we both believed in each other to the fullest. Having him believe in me helped boost my confidence to try more experimental things and explore my aesthetic.

How would you describe your style of art?

I describe it as childish, filled with isolation and uncomfortable. Harsh realities of the outside world on my terms. I guess.  

What has been your favorite time period/history of art?

Lately, i’ve been really into 1940’s Japanese anime, dada, and modern surrealism.

How did you first start getting involved in Fashion?

I first started skateboarding when I was around 12-13 and found an interest in Streetwear. My mom always dressed me nicely as a youngster… I started taking it more personal the older I got, though it has always been apart of me. Some my close friends and I were on brands early like Undercover & Raf Simons before the waves. 

When did you take your interests of fashion to designing clothes?

I first started a brand/concept called “Art For Thought”. I was having fun with it, formulating. Art For Thought isn’t around anymore, but it still plays a role in my work. 

You now run a company called Gutter, did “Art For Thought” turn into Gutter?

In a sense, you could say that, though its a completely different objective. I really just put Art For Thought away and with progression came Gutter. Gutter came about last year, and to me, it was just a natural evolution. With Gutter, i’m taking the designing much more personal.

Back in April you released your first collection called “The Holy Mountain” talk to us about that collection

This collection was influenced by my search for dogma. Everything I was going through at the time. It was for the skate rats and funeral directors.

Where do you see gutter now in terms of a clothing brand?

Its still growing, I like seeing the progression and seeing people enjoy it as well. It’s getting that energy it needs and truly beginning to build clientele more like a cult.

Are you planning on designing for other people?

As of now, i’m not interested in designing for anybody else. I’m more focused on my own work now. 

Who are some of your favorite brands out now?

Cottweiler, komakino and Craig Green are doing really great things right now. progressive

When its all said and done how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as a progressive thinker, ahead and an underdog. I want the youth to understand that this is our world now we can create a whole clean plane. I will continue to see things on my own terms, I want people to remember me as an avant-garde of craft.

Written By: Nicholas Rud