Bianca Pastel Prefers to Experience Her Happiness on the Journey, Rather Than at The Destination.

This past spring you were able to work on the Hebru Brantley x Bape collection this past spring. What was the feeling like?

I actually started working on the Bape collab like a year in advance! When it finally came out I was so excited.  Seeing designs come to life is always a good feeling. I’m really hard on myself so when I see designs that I work on a year in advance finally brought to life I’m always over-analyzing ways I could’ve made it even better.  By the time a year goes by, skills have broadened but witnessing growth in yourself is an even greater feeling!


After working with Hebru for three years now, what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned?

That’s a tough question.  I get a lesson from Bru every day!  The most important lesson he teaches me is confidence to “DO” instead of “TRY”. He’s always preaching to me “don’t TRY! Just DO”.  Going into projects or learning new things with a confident mindset was something I lacked before working with Hebru. My confidence has definitely grown tremendously.


In the animation industry, why do you think there are very few women of color represented?

I think it’s the combination of women of color not getting the opportunity and not enough women of color just not doing it! For some reason, there’s this idea that little black girls don’t watch cartoons and we DEFINITELY do.

Rumor is…you’re interested in working on a cartoon. Any more details to share around that?

That’s definitely a dream of mine amongst a million other things I want to do but we’ll see!

You’re an artist that juggles a lot of different projects at once, how do you stay motivated and never burn yourself out?

I think what drives me a lot is surrounding myself with other amazing artists.  We all motivate each other daily and push each other to be the best we can be. We’ll update each other on the latest character design books and comic books to check out or inspiring podcasts and Youtube videos to listen to. Staying inspired is how I keep myself from burning out!

You’ve spoken on that you don’t like setting goals. Why is that?

I prefer to experience my happiness on the journey, rather than at the destination.  I like not knowing what’s around the corner and trying my best, the possibilities are endless!

As 2018 continues to fly by, what are two goals you want to accomplish by EOTY?

I want to finish at least one of my 50 unfinished secret projects and I want to improve my physical and mental health.