Silvia Tangaro Creates To Feed Her Soul

As I scroll through your website, I see you do a lot of digital and traditional art. What do you prefer more? 

Forsure traditional. I love anything tangible. Digital is what we have to do now, it’s the new wave of taking original concepts and transferring them to be on a digital component. I love the OG physical pen and paper.

Throughout your work, I always see such vibrant colors. Have you always been into vibrancy?

In my personal work, I tend to often use very vibrant and vivid colors because they are eye-catching and really “pop”. Very influenced by pop art and screenprinting, the idea of layering and color blocking. I’m drawn to bright colors and high contrast so that’s what I end up reflecting through my work.

abstractPink-Piece copy

Why do you create?

It’s my way of feeding my soul. Besides our daily priorities, we need some type out outlet to feed our soul. I create because it puts me in a trance and I love it. It’s almost like anything is possible.

Describe your artwork in three words

Vivid. Edgy. Versatile.


While in college you put together a book called Street Fleek Vol 01… Can we expect Street Fleek Vol 02

When I moved to Chicago, I was already doing art, but not at the scale I would potentially see it as. Being in Chicago for the first time, I knew I was where I need to be location wise, I just needed to find out who was making it and look to get to know these people. My first semester at Columbia, I took a Publication class and the semester project was to make a 65-page editorial. That was the perfect opportunity to tie this into a personal project. Because of that book I was able to take a deeper dive into the Chicago art scene and experience it first hand.I was able to talk with JC Rivera, Ali Six, Upendo, Tubsz, Sentrock, Radah, and others.This book helped me build great friendships and business relationships that have supported me to this day.

I said I was going to do a Vol 02…let’s see if I do. It all comes down to time. If I were to do a Vol 02, there would also need to be a vol 03, 04, etc because there are so many more people I would want to feature.


Favorite artist?

My favorite artists right now are

  • Hueman – She’s a huge inspiration. Not only because she’s a badass girl, but because she’s done huge scale work for major clients.
  • Felipe Pantone – His work is amazing.

Favorite thing about being an artist?

Being an artist gives me a pass on being weird. I love it.

Favorite lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

I learned that the best you can do is be patient with your growth and trust the process. As young creatives, we are so eager to do everything on our own. When I was 19 I was very passionate about screen printing and propaganda streetwear so I decided to start my own line of handmade apparel. I had no business experience and no plan, but I just felt like I HAD to turn my passion it into something. I learned a lot through this experience, and now I know that learning takes time. I would advise any ambitious creative to learn through the brands and companies that are killin’ the game. use that opportunity to absorb as much as you can, expand your network and later apply it to your own future goals.

Favorite project you’ve ever been apart of?

I painted this piano for Red Bull’s Flying Bach tour. It was an amazing opportunity for me.

One thing you want people to take away from your art?

Everyone likes to paint for a reason or a purpose, or there’s supposed to be a deep message behind every piece. But I don’t like to take it so seriously, a lot of my work is fun just for the hell of it. When I get the chance I like to create with a more humorous edge. I want my art to resonate with people in a funny way. I love doing anything poop/fart related. Any gallery show I can name my paintings, I always give them these inappropriate names because it’s funny.


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