Nina Kallas: Finding Her Way As A Wardrobe Stylist

When did you first discover your interest in fashion?

Growing up I would always go into my moms closet. I was always into my moms clothes. She had all these vintage pieces and it piqued my interest. I definitely feel like my dad, being a musician also helped my interest in fashion. I grew up to him playing guitar and making beats everyday, which got me a strong interest in music. I always followed artists music videos (MTV when it was all music videos) and style as well growing up. When I got to high school I realized fashion was what I wanted to make a career. I followed a bunch of editorials, designers, and got inspired by them. I would make outfit collages and constantly be following trends and street style. Street style was the next thing that piqued my interested in fashion. Obviously I couldn’t afford to buy designer clothes at the time, so I would thrift fabric that looked similar to what was on the runways and make it. I originally wanted to be a designer. I then had a fashion show when I went to community college at a local art gallery and the more I got into this industry I knew this was something I needed to be apart of.

When did you then make your way into the industry?

I went to community college back home…didn’t know what I was doing with my life. While I loved fashion, I didn’t know how I could pursue that as a career. I ended up going to Columbia and majored in Fashion Business. My roommate at the time knew I was trying to get into the industry and she knew a photographer who needed a stylist for a shoot. I ended up going with her to help out. The model never came, so he ended up using me as the model. After the shoot, Adam reached out to me and said, “I loved working with you, we should do it again.” From there, we continued our friendship and styling his shoots. At the moment I realized this is what I needed to be doing as a career.


Now you’re a Wardrobe Stylist at Mp management…

I continued working on a bunch of shoots with Adam. After a few shoots, he asked me “if I ever wanted to sign with an agency.” I never thought of it. I was just doing this because I loved it so much it became a side hustle thing. After Adam asked me that question, MP MANAGEMENT reached out to me last August about being signed. I was terrified at first, but it’s been incredible working with them. Everyone is so talented, and the vision everyone has on set puts off great energy.

That constant battle of Commercial styling vs editorial styling. Which do you prefer?

Editorial. Commercial is where the money is at, but I love editorial work because it’s my vision.



This past year you were able to style the cover page in Elegant Magazine for Issue 042. How was that feeling?

That was dope. Adam, the photographer that I work with; we were just doing this random shoot and he submitted it to the magazine. Next thing I knew it was our shoot that Adam and I did made it to the cover. It was so dope. It’s stuff like that, that keeps me going. In any industry, you always doubt yourself, but then the right things happen at the right time, and it shows you that this is what you should be doing. No matter what kind of doubt comes into your head, some people will be above you and some people will be under you, in any creative field… you just have to keep focusing on your path and your vision.


Being a stylist, if you could set up your dream shoot, what would it consist of?

Oh damn, so many people I would love to work with! My dream team would be for sure to work with Petra Collins as the photographer, her work is amazing. She has a dreamy vibe and I’ve never worked with anyone that has a style like hers. As for the makeup artist , I would love to work with Sir John (works with Beyoncé a lot)… and modeling, it would cool to style Tyra Banks or Gigi Hadid or even any musician honestly. That would be a hella dope shoot. Definitely would vision some dreamy high fashion LA garden vibes.

Music is a big thing for you. With that being said, if you could style two musicians, who would they be?

Easy…SZA. Khelani would be right up there too. I need to throw a guy in there to level set. So i’m going to say BROCKHAMPTON, I’ve been hella into their music lately and the whole group would be a good vibe to work with.

As you’ve grown over the years, what’s one lesson you’ve learned through working in the industry?

You need to hustle and you need to work hard in order to be successful. You can’t just sit on your ass and be like, I wish I could do this or I wish I could do that. You just have to do it. Make time, put in the effort, and just do it.