We all remember the good days of Twitter, when we sent out mass #FollowFriday tweets to showcase our friends. Well, I decided to bring that back, except this time, it’s on my website and not just on Twitter. There are so many great things coming out of Chicago that don’t always get the most exposure, so this post is just to continue to give out props where props are due. #FollowFriday01


1. Qari 

Man, Qari is one of the best out in the city right now. I mean, in all honesty, this isn’t anything new. Coming off of his latest project No Time To Explain and his recent Bless The Booth freestyle on Tidal, if you’re not a fan of him by now, what the fuck is wrong with you? Give Qari a follow, and listen to his music. 


2. Mia

One of the coldest designers we have here in the city. I hope you guys are ready for her cartoon, Unwonderful World. If you aren’t aware of her, check out the latest and last preview of Unwonderful World, before it drops….this summer?! Give her a follow!

3. Bridges

I’ve been a fan of Bridges for quite some time and have been able to work in the same room with him for a couple of months while I interned at Closed Sessions. This man is hitting double doubles with his photography and design skills. Recently just had a gallery show and you can cop some merch/zines here if you missed. Give him a follow