Hooligan Brand, The Underground King of Chicago Streetwear

As we sit down now for the third time together, how have you seen your brand grow/evolve over the past year?

I’ve learned to to simplify the design process. One of the things I stick to is trying to tell a story. I never want people to buy my product just because it’s visually dope. On the other hand, I felt like I was putting too much emphasis in the story behind each piece. Within this time i’ve learned how to give people what they want and try to hold back on giving them so much information.

As a man, i’ve become a lot more patient. Being younger in the brand, I needed everything to sell ‘today’, I needed this to get recognition ‘today’. I’ve learned to sit back and enjoy the process more. I’m becoming more confident, but still remaining very humble.

You recently dropped your latest, Made In The USA collection. What inspired this one?

Raekwon in Wu Tang’s It Could All Be So Simple music video. He was wearing the iconic SNOW BEACH jacket, which gave it all its hype and fame. Just that bit of streetwear history alone inspired this drop. 



I see on one of the tees the American Flag is dropped. What sparked that?

The flag is upside down because it symbolizes the country is at war or in a time of distress. That’s an easter egg I threw in. Because we have so much talk about war in our country, I wanted to throw the flag upside down for that piece.


What was your favorite piece from this collection?

The Hooligan Motors shirt is my favorite. My favorite car is a t top Monte Carlo. This shirt really pushed my design skills. I have never designed something like that before.


You recently tweeted, ‘HooliganBrand is for the streets I will have a space soon’. Why do you want a space?

There’s a lot of negative energy to owning a store in Chicago because of rent value. But, every store that has prospered in the city is a gateway for people to get into the industry. All of us hung at one of the Chicago staples, and most of us still do. I always tell people they need to get more in tune with Chicago streetwear because we’re more authentic than people think. You can go in the store and shake hands with the person that runs the store, designs the clothes, etc. You’re not going to be able to go into Supreme and talk to the owner, you’re not going to go to UNDEFEATED and talk to the owner. You’ll see Corey at LDRS, Joe at Fat Tiger, & Manny at JUGRNT. I want a space not only for Hooligan, but to be able to provide space for my friends with businesses.

How important right now is it to be a designer in Chicago?

It is extremely important because we are killing shit right now. Everything we’re doing is influencing other cities.

I remember when we first talked, you discussed how you felt like an underground in the chicago streetwear scene. Do you still feel that?

Yeah and I still claim to be king. I’ve always said, I always say that statement to enforce or push the next person. I’m not arrogant, I don’t mean I’m the King and you suck. When I say i’m the King, I want people to work hard and go even crazier than me.

What are some goals you want to accomplish by end of the year?

I’m doing a pop-up at Wicker Fest. Be prepared. I don’t know how i’m going to do it, but just know i’m doing it. Before the year ends, I want two more shock value items where people are like, “damn I want that”!