Andrew Barber Talks With G Herbo In New Interview For Red Bull Sound Select

The first time that G Herbo and Lil Bibby performed at a Red Bull Sound Select show was in 2013 at the Double Door in Chicago, where they were supporting acts, not even the main headliners. 

Fast forward four years later to March 8, 2017: G Herbo and Lil Bibby – now with multiple, critically acclaimed EP’s and mixtapes under their belts – took the Red Bull Sound Select stage again as headliners, completely selling out The Metro, one of the most iconic Chicago performance venues, to a huge crowd of hometown fans.

In a new video produced by Red Bull Sound Select, long time curator Andrew Barber from Fake Shore Drive caught up with G Herbo before he took the stage on March 8th for an exclusive interview where he talks about what’s next, including future releases for himself and No Limitations, his new project with Lil Bibby.

“It feels good just to be labeled as someone who was a part of this legacy or who was able to perform in front of my fans at home,” said G Herbo, reflecting on the 4 years since his last Sound Select performance in 2013.

When asked about his future projects, G Herbo said, “What’s next for me? Right now, me and Bibby are working on our joint album and touring together (with the album) coming out mid-April.  We got over 30 songs together right now. Things nobody heard.  My debut album is dropping this summer.  Humble Beast.  This summer.  This summer for sure. I’m gonna scream it out loud to the crowd for everybody to hear.”

And finally when asked about what kind of advice he would give to his 17-year old self at his first Sound Select show, G Herbo remarked, “I would have told myself to really take advantage and really spread your wings as an artist.”

Check out the video and rest of the interview below: