Get To Know Lonewolf: Your New Favorite Videographer

Introduce yourself

Yo i’m wolf aka LONEWOLF. I’m from Hammond, Indiana and I am a videographer.

How was life growing up for you?

For the most part it was fun. When i was little my dad and I used to wake up early before my mom and he’d let me watch movies like Good Fellas, a Bronx Tale, Scarface, and Friday. The classics. I really feel like that shaped my childhood. I went through every phase possible from being a die hard G Unit fan to listening to The Devil Wears Prada and Taking Back Sunday. I used to sell ps2 games and WWF wrestlers at lunch and was always considered the “class clown”. I couldn’t complain about my childhood. 

When did you begin to witness you had creative talents?

Everything has always very natural. My brother got an old Canon camcorder for his birthday so we used to make skits every day. We would write and act them out and have our friends from the block get in on it too. Many years before the Youtube days. I actually wanted to be an actor before anything but making and editing together videos took the best of me. I just always loved creating and making things come to life for others to enjoy too. 

What got you into shooting?

Well first it came from shooting those skits, but as I got older skateboarding took over my life, so I almost always had a camera with me. From there, one of my boys from high school who made music asked me to shoot a video so I said why not. It’s kind of crazy how i just stumbled into my passion at an early age. 

What was the first big video you did?

Forsure Lucki. He reached out to me on Twitter and that’s how “Leave With You” and “Options” came about. He’s always showed nothing but love ever since. 

We see you work with Adot a lot. Where did you guys develop a connection?

I met Adot through my boy Freako. It’s a crazy story I was on soundcloud listening to Supa and Freako’s music came on from autoplay. From there I reached out to Freako’s manager to shoot a video for freako and that’s where I met Adot. It’s been family ever since. They’re the goats. They took me under their wing and taught me so much. They’re taking off. 

Working with Adot, you’ve been able to put out two amazing videos, Paradise/Reflection and Fun. Which video did you like more?

Hahah that’s a tough one. To be honest I couldn’t choose. They’re both their own trophy and energy in their own way. I always think I like Run more until I watch Paradise/Reflection over again.

What has been your favorite video in these past two years?

It would have to be both Paradise/Reflection or Run

Two years ago you dropped your first music video and now people are considering you their favorite videographer. How does that feel?

It’s surreal. I still have a very long way to go but it feels crazy that people are recognizing and appreciating my work. I got recognized while i was in Texas and I couldn’t believe it. As cheesy as it sounds i’m just a product of hard work and staying focused. I got to where I am by creating a style no one has seen, so you will know if its a Lonewolf video or not. I just want to keep this going and change the game completely. As long as i’m inspiring people to go harder i’ll be content.  

Who are 3 artists you want to work with?

Right off top MF Doom, Pharrell and Earl.

When its all said and done how would you like to be remembered?

Before i’m dead i’d love to be known as a great filmmaker. I’d want whoever sees my work to have felt impacted or leave with a different mindset than they had before. 

Written By: Nico Rud