What’s Next For theWHOevers?

Introduce yourself

What’s up everyone, we are Jesse and Lloyd from theWHOevers.

How was life growing up for you two?

Jesse: It was cool. I grew up in the northern suburbs, Park City to be exact. I was a typical kid, my mom worked and I had two little brothers. We learned to work for everything at a young age.

Lloyd: I was born in the Philippines and I moved to Berwyn, a suburb outside of Chicago, when I was 7. I moved around a lot. I eventually moved near a small town near St. Louis named Edwardsville. After going to high school there I went to Northern Illinois where I met this guy and a couple of other people we work with.

When did you guys first start getting into music?

Jesse: For me I can say I fell in love with music when I was 3 or 4. My mom was always playing the new CD’s and tapes that were out. We listened to a lot of R&B, hip-hop, soul and folk. Listening to all those different types of records got me to where I am today.

Lloyd: As for me, I didn’t pick up on music until I moved to America. I was listening to what my cousins were listening to on the radio and that really intrigued me. I really picked up on the radio sound, which at the time was a lot of 90s hip hop and R&B. I started writing in High School. I had a friend that made beats so we started messing around and started making music.

When did you guys come together to start theWHOevers?

We met each other around 2007/2008 at Northern Illinois University. We had a mutual friend who was into making music and that’s how we met. After Lloyd graduated, he would hit me (Jesse) up for beats and it eventually got to the point where I told him we should start something because I wrote to so many of his beats.

In 2011 you guys release your first project Renovations, but as of now your focus is to work on individual solo projects. Why is that?

As a group we have put out so many things throughout the years. We felt that it was time to take a break, come back and regroup. But at the same time we’ll still be working on music. So both of us will be dropping solo projects real soon.

What could we expect from your guys solo projects?

Jesse: I’m more of an R&B guy so you’ll hear a lot of R&B jams and maybe some rapping.

Lloyd: As for me I’m inspired by a lot of types of different music right now. I’m really experimenting a whole new sound. I’m trying to find a sound no one has ever heard before because that’s the only way you will stand out. I’m trying a lot of different things but I’m excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on.

In what ways have you seen your guys’ growth individually and as a group?

Jesse: I’ve witnessed I started to get more comfortable with vocalization. I’m just trying to be myself with recording. It took a while but you learn how to use your voice after a while.

Lloyd: As for me I don’t write lyrics really fast. It may take a month for me to finish a verse. I really want my lyrics to be a masterpiece, instead of getting it down quickly and recording. Our songs now have a lot more meaning. Like we said before we made so many albums that now it’s really time to make sure we put out the best product.

On top of your new solo projects, talk about some other projects you guys have coming up?

On March 25th we are headlining E.A.T festival in Wicker Park. You guys should come out to that. With our set we are going more towards a party vibe, but still trying to keep the set intimate. We’re also droppinf a video for Penny Pinchin’. It’s directed by Elvin from 3SXTI, and it’s looking super slick so far.

On top of that, we are also working on some new vintage merch. The collection is done now, and we may tease a bit of it at the festival this weekend. The collection will be all vintage sweaters and tees; it’s going to be dope!


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When it’s all said and done how would you guys like to be remembered?

We just want to be remembered as some cool dudes. We want people to now that we worked hard and we put out the best product available.

Written By: Cory Jackson