Lion Babe Brought Their Cosmic Wind To Chicago

People gathered at Reggie’s on Tuesday with the same energy as a high school house party and in typical fashion, words were slurring before any of the musical acts were in sight. Lion Babe’s latest record, Cosmic Wind, demonstrates the growth of the group and proves once again that futuristic nostalgia makes for an impressive experience. 

Opener Nikki Lynette, a self-proclaimed self-love ambassador, had strong claims to make about the conversation surrounding mental health and delivered a dynamic performance tenderly laced with vulnerability and pride. She got down to the nitty-gritty and encouraged her listeners, “If I can tell a room full of new friends about my mental health, you can tell one of your friends.” 

Second opener Sebastian Mikael, with his delicate pipes and heated stage presence, crooned the crowd into a trance-like state as the smoke machine coated the musical waves. After his set, murmurs through the floor compared him to the likability and buttery vocals of Miguel. 

With brisk transition, Lion Babe, comprised of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman (also known as Astro Raw), took to the stage and embodied a performance that was from a different planet. The New York-bred duo radiated an energy that even the phone lights from the eager listeners couldn’t pollute. While Jillian serenaded about past love and manifesting blessings into your life, Lucas supported her through chilling guitar riffs and energetic beats. The pair directed the crowd like magic and got even the unlikeliest of dancers swaying in a two-step. 

The funk duo has earned their attention over the last few years, accumulating the aid of musical veterans like Pharrell Williams and Childish Gambino, as well as dominating stages at Coachella and the soundtrack of HBO’s Insecure.

As the last show of their Cosmic Wind Tour, Lion Babe brought it home to Chicago. “You can dream as big as you want to dream,” Jillian said between songs. “You just have to work for it.” 

Written by: Andrea Carrillo