Get To Know Pat Banahan

Introduce yourself

Yooo, it’s Pat Banahan. 

How’d you get your start within the industry?

Honestly, I wouldn’t even consider myself in the “industry” yet – that’s some shit I consider like you making 10k+ a video AT LEAST; Like labels hitting you up and all that kind of stuff. I’m dabbled tho, I’ve dabbled, lmao like I’ve done work with Pro Era that was my first ever video with a contract, tax form, etc. etc. I have been shooting videos for over 10 years foreal, skating, funny stuff, a lot of random shit. I bought my first DSLR to make videos like 4-5 years ago then got serious 3 years when I graduated school I was like damn I really don’t wanna get a “regular” 9-5 job I can make more money doing this, travel, meet artists I fuck with etc. etc. 3 years ago all of that was just an idea that I knew was possible.

You’re the founder of Lost TV. What do you see the future of Lost Tv being?

That’s a great question when you can do anything feel me? Like deadass, what do you do when you can do anything and no one is telling you what to do? Obviously add a major restriction which is a lack of $$$ and resources but hey we getting there – It sounds positive but at the same time it’s so easy to set yourself up for failure. Shit crazy. The #1 main thing is always gonna be digital media content. Videos. Whether that’s strictly music videos or something completely different like a cartoon or a comedy skit. I been having an inner conflict that when it starts getting bigger will I accept submissions from other people that I didn’t film or not? That’s my biggest issue right now. There’s channels like elevator, no jumper, and worldstar that take submissions and have a huge platform for artists regardless of if they personally worked with them or not. Then there are channels like Coles which are even bigger YET he worked hands-on with every. single. upload. If you think about it that’s actually insane. His channel that he worked on damn near by himself is arguably bigger than those 3 channels who upload content they didn’t even create (sometimes – all variations apply lol chill) That’s not even some hating shit either that’s just like idk youtube stats and it’s crazy to think about. So yea making videos, growing the channel, expanding, etc. that’s still the main focus there are so many different lanes to go through with the merch/clothes, animation work, people want me to throw shows (lol idk tweakin), etc. etc. Like shit is overwhelming with possibilities but soon enough the goal is definitely a Lost TV creative studio space with a green screen, lighting, equipment, etc. A place to work, kick it, plot, plan, get high, you name it lmao. I definitely have the long-term “vision” of the creative space and a few other things but the short term things are wild I wanna do too much for one person. I could ramble on and on about this forever that’s why I’m working hard to bring a lot of this to life. Part of me wants to have an actual team like 5 people working for/with me. All my friends skate there’s been talks about a Lost TV skate team for years, Lost TV gamer team, too many things.

Recently I saw you have been able to build a relationship with Chicago legend King Louie. How did you guys develop your relationship?

My friend Liable (that’s what he’s saved in my phone as I never changed it he will probably get pissed if he reads this hahaha) he randomly hit me up like “yo you want to make some money” which was like random af so I responded like uhhhh yea duh what you mean not even knowing then he said I was talking to my boy he said Louie need videos etc. etc. Long story short within 30 min – an hour he picked me up and I was in a random kitchen of a house I had never been to listening to “Just Relax” for the first time w Louie just sitting there vibing like damn this song lowkey extremely raw. Shoutout C-sick for producing the beat.

What was it like getting that first million views on Just Relax?

Crazy, only cause I literally knew this was gonna be the first one to hit a million. I collabed on shit that did numbers like a Dex video that did 4+ million and that Lil Durk Superpowers at like 20+ M. I don’t even give a fuck about views honestly BUT I literally called it cause I just knew the combination of it being a Louie video, the song crazy hot, and the video something fresh it was bound to blow. It’s cool to see something do that on YOUR channel. Not worldstar, not so n so. Like this is us… We doing it… Our way… From the ground up. That’s some shit nobody can take away from you. It’s just a minor goal that’s cool to hit on some “damn, I can really do this” type shit. It’s hard to have people take you seriously when you don’t have the numbers. That shit sooooo lame but so true. You show someone something with 5k views and it’s incredible it almost doesn’t matter cause people gravitate towards each other so when they see other people liked it they automatically respect you more. It’s just motivating like a kid hitting a home run in baseball for his first time like ight bet I’m not weak anymore lmao run it I do this shit  

Do you enjoy collabing and working with artists?

OF COURSE, WHY YOU THINK I DO WHAT I DO ~ lol ~ I’m playing of course not these rappers crazy as fuck. LOL. Nah it definitely has it’s ups and downs like anything in life. Shiiit you spiritual and stuff you know it’s all about that balance. I’ve worked with artists who I consider great friends of mine that were strangers not that long ago // then I’ve worked with people I’m like damn idkkkkkk bout thisssss. They say not to mix friendship/business but I’m cool with all my clients on a personal friend level. Shiiiit over the past 3 years damn near all my friends now were/are still clients at some point. I would never call a friend a client type shit but shit money being exchanged we out here helping eachother level up. For example my homie Boogie – I met this dude off a “Curren$y type beat” in 2014 lmaoooo. I used to make beats and sell them on youtube. He emailed me about buying it, we started talking, etc. etc. He like “I live in Wheaton, IL” I’m like bro wtf that’s so close to me lets link on a video fuck this internet shit. A month later I shot the first “GreenDolla” video and we been cool af ever since. Another friend of mine “Cheech” I met through an artist named NV which is his brother. You just meet random people at random times and you know if they cool or not within 5 minutes. This artist Ronnie Rage I fuck with tweeted the other day I was one of the most genuine videographers he’s ever worked with and honestly I believe him. I care – I give a fuck about what I do, what you do, etc. I’ve definitely gotten fucked over A LOT. Like a lottttt a lot. That’s why I respect the cool people out there. That’s why these days I don’t fuck with as many people as 3 years ago. I don’t respond to a lot of shit. I move different but shit you have to. You learn. People aren’t as nice as you or genuine.

While you’ve been creating videos for a while, it seems like now you’re in your groove. Do you feel that as well?

Crazy you say that cause I actually feel like I just got thrown out my groove LMAO. I went to Japan, China, Korea, Amsterdam, and London all in 2 weeks and it like spun me out of control for 3 weeks after I got back on some like idk how to even explain it. It inspired me to the point I was uninspired. I know that sounds crazy but I was like overwhelmed like there is so much to do and only one of me… why not do nothing??? Like fuck trying to be successful, it’s way easier being a failure. That lasted like a week then I realized I was tweaking so I snapped out of it and now I’m back better than ever as of like literally 3 days ago. I started editing all the pics from the trip and stuff. Idk being an artist is weird I can’t force myself to work. If I answered this question 3 days ago I’d be like “No – I am in no groove this might be the end” lolol. Traveling out of the country is inspiring af this last time spun my head 360 tho I’m actually about to work on the vlog for it all day tomorrow ~

A lot of people on the internet like to compare your style to Cole Bennett or a Lonewolf. How do you respond to shit like that?

With nothing, That shit so lame/goofy. People will DM me like “I love your animation work reminds me of cole —” by that point I already stopped reading ~ I love both of them but the comparison so lame. It’s not a compliment to tell me I’m like someone lol fuck is wrong with you. Imagine me hitting up an artist omg I love your song you sound like Young Thug. You practically are Young Thug! People talk so crazy to me and don’t even realize that’s why I don’t respond to so much shit. (Sorry to every person out there who talked to me regularly and I didn’t reply the crazy ass people ruined it for everyone lately) Like I don’t even check my IG messages anymore cause it just makes me sad how crazy people talk to me lmao. Honestly tho lately a lot of people really haven’t been on that as everyone is getting better they starting to carve a more distinctive lane

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned over the years?

YOU CAN DO IT ~ yes you. Reading this. Can do it. One major key I think is not giving a fuck what people think about you. I remember people looking at me goofy like you’re gonna do what with what with who??? Type of shit. No one understands your vision till you pull up with something materialistic basically lmao that shit makes me hate mankind like you really didn’t believe in me until my dreams bought me a car. By that time it’s too late. My biggest lesson is definitely that you are the one. I always depended on a rapper or someone to like “put me on” but then artists like Bryant Giles and Zach Thompson who are both painters/artists kinda showed me like your an artist you don’t need anyone. They didn’t tell me this shit lol I just picked up on it like mannnn I don’t JUST make videos I animate a lot which is a completely different realm of creation I could fuck around and make a cartoon and blow up without any rappers. Don’t get me wrong my biggest video still w Louie and established artist but my biggest lesson was definitely to realize you got the juice if you creating every day you can start your own wave you don’t need anyone besides your two hands my mans. Everyone always chasing the most poppin rapper, celeb, etc. Trying to take a pic with them, trying to shoot a video for them, etc. etc. That’s what the lame people call “clout chasing” I think??? Idk. I make art. I used to be on that shit but I realized I’m an artist, not a videographer. Fuck “videography” that term sound crazy is that even a real word lmao.

What are two goals you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year?

Establish myself as a brand/artist more. WAYYYYYY more. People still not fucking with me. I’m still not on the shit I want to be at all. Like at all. By this time next year hopefully I will have been on tour, shot for more artists, gained a bigger following, etc. ~ and drop a real collection of clothes. Everything so far been fire but such minimal drops I wanna do something bigger. All types of stuff. Stay Tuned ~