Human Error Continues To Progress as a Brand

A few weeks back you put out a new collection. Would you consider this your actual ‘first’ collection?

Yeah, most definitely. I took a lot of time putting together this collection. Previously with my drops, I would just make whatever, set a date, and then release the product. This time around, I took the time to figure out what I could do better to make it the collection I wanted it to be.


What did you want this collection to be then?

I wanted this collection to be the intro to 2018 and how I’ve progressed over the years. I’ve never really done a full drop, but I wanted to see how it could go. The response I’ve received so far has been unbelievable, to be honest.

What inspired you to put out drop 1?

Nothing really inspired the collection. I was just creating designs and wanted to put something together. I’m not going to lie, there were a ton of designs that didn’t make it. This drop was about me showing people my true potential as a designer.  

How did you link up with Anthony & Casper to shoot the first collection?

I met Anthony a couple years back when I started my first brand Outspoken. He ended up buying a shirt from me and that was a big deal. Over time he and I kept in touch. Anthony has always been an influence on me. That guy works his ass off. He’s going crazy this year. From watching him I’ve learned that you can’t take a day off when you’re passionate about something. With Casper, I just hit him up and asked if he’d be interested in helping me with my first lookbook. Casper is a super nice guy.

With the theme of the lookbook, I wanted it to look rugged. Hence the construction zone used as the background. It fit perfectly with my brand name ‘Human Error’. How Casper styles himself, it just all went perfectly. No other person could’ve pulled it off.


Rumor is, drop 2 is already on the way?

After I dropped the first collection, I was like man, I can’t just stop. I went right into designing more and more. The first drop didn’t really have a meaning to it, but the second drop is definitely going to have meaning. I don’t want to give away anything, but the designs I’m coming up with are pretty crazy. It won’t have as many pieces as the last drop, but there will be a good amount. I’d say before June I will put this collection out.

Do you feel yourself getting more confident as you get more experience under your belt?

Yes, most definitely have. I’ve always had the trouble of overcoming my insecurities. I would always question whether or not people would actually like my pieces. I learned to just keep trusting my gut and realize that what I’m creating is dope.

I know it’s probably hard to pick, but what was your favorite piece from the collection?

I would say the matrix shirt. If you look at it from afar, it looks 3d-ish. When I first made it, I was wondering what color the skull should be. I made it a light grey and yellow. It’s just a crazy design. I think the second piece would be the jacket. I loved doing it. I didn’t think people would fuck with it, but they did.


If you had to pick one person to put your pieces on, who would that person be?

Slug from Atmosphere. He’s my all-time favorite rapper. And if it were someone from Chicago, I’d say Lucki.

What are two things you want to accomplish by EOTY?

I want to have a pop-up and get bigger and better as a brand/individual.