Loona Dae Continues To Explore A Realm of Possibilities With Her New Sound

(Header photo by Sam Fuehring)


You recently dropped a demo, but ended up taking it down. Why?

Part of it was because it’s a demo. I want it to be temporary content. I actually just put one of the songs back up. I did this demo for fun because I wanted to see what peoples response would be. I wanted to just put content out there and not take myself too seriously. My ideas are constantly changing and so is my content.

Phases just had its one year anniversary. Looking back on it a year later, what song meant the most to you?

I would say it’s a tie between Bluebird and Overboard. Just because of where I was emotionally. I wrote Bluebird with my friend Ora Page Kallop; she played guitar on there. When I wrote it, I was feeling the waves of being free. It was my debut as far as a solo artist and I felt like it was about me freeing my wings and finally trusting myself. I had been in a band for so long I felt like I had a safety net to catch me creatively. If I had an idea I was able to rely on somebody else to express it for me.

“It’s taken me years to develop a sound and I think I kinda nailed it this time…”

what can we expect in this new sound?”

Very unapologetic. I think that I’ve let down all of my inhibitions and expectations for myself and what others expect from me musically. I’m just exploring a realm of possibilities in my sound.

“never been THIS at peace with the process – I’m really in love with taking my time”.

talk about the process:

The process…some days I love it. Some days I hate it. It doesn’t matter how time consuming the process is, what matters is the time it takes. The time it takes, is the time it takes. And I can’t force it. I’m in love with taking my time because I know that what I have is special.

I think one of my favorite songs from you is Breathe. Where were you mentally when you wrote this?

I was in my room and very sad when I wrote Breathe. I felt really alone. And that’s where the opening line, “Breathe me in, can I stay here?” To me, it’s about me coming to terms with myself. I’m all I need. I’m the best company I can keep for myself. So just breathe. Breathe and feel here, in the present moment.

Does a lot of your music come from this sad place?

I think my music is a mixture of sadness and happiness. A lot of times when I write, or when I’m expressing anything musically, i’m hurting, i’m sad. It comes from a place of healing.

Do you like producing more now-a-days?

Yes I do. I’ve finally found the fun in producing. At first, it was more so me learning and studying how the kick should sound, or this is where you put the high hat. I had to get to know music on a different plain. Once I got past all of that, it became more fun for me.

Recently I saw you talk about how you were challenging yourself each performance to to do a different set. How important is the live show?  

It’s important to me. When people come to see me I don’t know what they want to see, but I know what I want to give them. I want to give them something that is fresh and keeps me on my toes. They will feel that energy and have something good to take home.

Favorite song you’ve released?

I’d say Black and White. It was such an effortless song. I think it’s also a lot of people’s favorite song of mine too.

Favorite thing about being an artist?

I can fuck up and make it look good.

Favorite Chicago artist?

There’s a few, I can’t pick just one: Sen Morimoto, Kaina, Luke Titus, Kamaria Woods, O’Mys, and Carlile, to name a few.

Favorite lyric of yours?

“And ever since I realized i’ll be short of everything of imperfection, on a daily I pray.  High off the tree’s in salutation to day break” -Bluebird