Christian JaLon: Love Is The Strongest Force In All The World

Introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Christian JaLon. Spelled just like that. Lol! I am 20 years old. I’m from the South Side of Chicago, Auburn Gresham to be exact.

When did you first start getting involved with music?

I first began getting involved in music, altogether, at birth. My mother sang, my grandmother, my mommy played some instruments, my older brother, also, as well as my father. But, I became active in my artistry when I was a junior in high school.


Going into your last project, Vinyled Love, you said we would witness you healing while still creating. What were you healing from?

During the beginning of creatingVinyled Love, I was in a relationship, & during the middle & end of the project, I was coming out of that same relationship. — I was healing from the confusion of the situation, & the hurt that came from it. Which is where the songs starting with Bluebird, up until Still, came from. 

On this project, it seems like you put your everything into it, as you look back, do you think this project will be the one that meant the most to you in your career?

I definitely do feel like I put more into this project than I ever have with anything else I’ve ever worked on. But, I don’t think it will mean the most to me. I’m actually quite over this project already, ha! & I ultimately think I’m just about over it simply because of the fact that I’m no longer in the same internal space that I was in when I first began it & even when I completed & released it. 

What song meant the most to you on this project?

Mmm, there is no one song that means the most to me. They were all such defining moments for me. The song that comes to mind, tho’, the very first tune, is “I Love You”. That tune bore from an argument that the subject of Vinyled Love & I. As angry & impatient as I was with this individual, I still, very much so, loved them & I allowed the words that God gave to me, for them, to just flow. & it felt lovely.

Throughout your music and presence, people can feel the love and faith. Talk about these two attributes

The most I’ll say; love is the strongest force in all the world. It conquers all. It reigns supreme. & my faith lies within God. & God is love. 

Even through struggles and hardships, how are you able to keep your faith so high?

Even through hardship & struggle, I try to remain in love. & though I fall short in that sometimes, again, I’ll state, love conquers all. & because of love, it keeps me faithful. Love allows me the opportunity to wholeheartedly trust God & understand that even when chaos is present, everything is still everything.