Sage The 64th Wonder Rebrands Himself As Lunxch

What led to the rebranding of Sage The 64th Wonder to Lunxch?

The idea came to me in October. It came about because I recently got back into illustration and wanted to take on a new moniker with that. I didn’t want to jumble up the art, with the music. I tend to wear a shirt a lot and on it says ‘lunch break’, with Launch from Dragon Ball. I got inspiration from that and came up with Lunxch. The first character I actually drew while I was getting back into illustration, I was wearing that shirt. So I was like, I’m just going to take the name.

Are you worried about the rebrand/name change?

Nah. My true fans will know that I’ve changed my name plenty of times. Honestly, that’s probably why I’m not on many outlets now because I constantly change my shit. I’ve always been heavy into character creation and while in different modes in my life, I’m a different character. Each time, I learn new things and get a more revised version of myself. But, now, I’m going as Lunxch and not changing again. I finally have the aesthetic down now.

Can we expect a new sound with Lunxch?

Yeah, I usually go with a more aggressive and grungy sound. But, I’m really looking to go lo-fi and chill out with this new music. On some Toonami adult swim shit.

Rumor is there’s an album coming out in April…

The project is going to be called The Bento Box EP. It’s going to be an intro to the project and comic book I’m releasing. Like I said before, very Toonami, adult swim vibes. Just some shit you can vibe and listen to.

The comic book is going to be called Go-Go Slump King. It’s basically about two young brothers, journeying to be slump king…but there could only be one slump king. So the comic is based around on who is going to win and become the king.

Can we ever expect a Slump Gang project?

Nah, not yet. It is on the horizon though. We just have to centralize a lot of things first.

artwork/design work you’ve been doing

I started drawing in the fifth grade and just stopped. In October, I decided to get back into it. My girlfriend is an artist and she influenced me. Now I can’t stop.

With 2018, just beginning, what are a few things you want to get out of this year?

I’m trying to be more relevant on the internet and land my music on more publications. More Touring.

Favorite song you’ve ever released

Uchiha Seji.

Favorite thing about being an artist

Smoking weed.

Favorite thing about the live show

Crowd participation.

Favorite artist, you work with in Chicago

Mfn Melo

Favorite venue to play in Chicago