Lyriq The Misfit Looks To Push The Limits On His New Music

You call yourself an ‘indigo child’, when did you first start that?

I’d say in my early teens. It was something that kind of just happened. I heard somebody say some shit and it felt like the exact same shit that I was going through. I then dove into that whole realm of thought.

What are the fruits of your spiritual practice, and how did they help shape your creative process with Indigo Soul?

I’d say just diving into me more. I feel like there’s a lot of components when you’re diving into spirituality and there’s a lot of different beliefs. For me, it was all about trying to figure out who I am.

My spiritual journey helped Indigo Soul because the project was like a journal. The more that I found out about myself, the more I felt comfortable with sharing with people. Indigo Soul to me had to be a project that was worth something. I wanted to create a project that was tangible and that would mean something to me more than that one moment of acceptance or whatever people search for these days.

Initially, Indigo Soul was going to be called Anima Indicum, what caused that name change?

I really liked the name Anima Indicum and I felt like it was going to be mad dope. However, I was iffy because I didn’t know if the name would catch on or if people would even know what it means. Anima Indicum is Indigo Soul in Latin. I’m really into forgotten languages and that’s how the name came about.

The final song on the project, AmeriKKKa. Talk about this record

AmeriKKKa was a record where I was once again diving into who I am. The song is a metaphor on how I don’t feel I belong here. With this song, I was just trying to find a place that was meant for me.

Your favorite song from the project is Moon Flower. Why is this one your favorite?

This song was one of those that wrote itself. I heard the beat while in my room at 4 in the morning. Moon Flower reflects a very vulnerable moment for me. I really love performing this song. Having Oliv Blu come in and put her vocals on it, made the track so nostalgic. This song is a warm feeling for me.

Rumor is you’ve got visuals coming for this song…..

It’s going to be some shit. I wrote the concept and it is going to be directed by Randall Tockes. He’s a very talented mind and I learned a ton from him. The video is going to be very dope and I’m excited to drop my first ever visual. I’ve had this concept for forever and I didn’t want to do it until I did it right.

You’ve said that you’ve been ‘in the shadows going through it’ Are you going to be channeling that energy into making new music?

I’m always working on new music even when I’m in the shadows “going through it” because I take pride in my lyrical courage. So when I’m “going through it” I put whatever I’m going through into my music and even when I’m “in the shadows” I’m always doing something. I hate being stagnant. The idle mind is a scary thing. With this new music, I’m going in with a different mindset. I’ve learned so much over this past year. In terms of sound, I’m going to keep pushing the limits. I’m excited to show you guys.

As you look back, how much of an impact has Kevin Coval had on your career?

Kevin has helped me out a lot with my journey and helped me develop my confidence. He has set me up for some good looks and I’m very appreciative of everything he has done for me. I got a lot of respect for him, not simply for what he can do for me but because of his genuine love of the culture and I feel like Kevin is one of the few good ones.

What’s one thing you want to accomplish in 2018?

I want to either go on my own tour or tag along on somebody else’s. That’s my one major goal.