PREMIERE: Max Witt Gets Emotional and Motivational On Yesterday Is Tomorrow

The great Bob Marley once said, “though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.” For Max Witt, a 24-year-old, Chicago transplant, from Mo County, Maryland, I’d say those words Bob Marley wrote, really resonate with him. Coming into the game in 2014 with his debut project Some Day Soon, Max has been carving his lane, while also dealing with the troublesome of life. 

After dropping his second project The Day Before Yesterday in 2016, while up to now Max has been dealt a lot. While gearing up for the release of his newest project, Yesterday Is Tomorrow, Max started to see some unfortunate things unravel in his life. Personal and on the music side. On the music side, he started to see managers not giving their all while working together, to PR companies just looking for the check.


Within the album, Max starts to reveal some issues he has been dealing with in his personal life. He lost his Grandfather, who was a huge inspiration to his family and him and also broke up with his recent girlfriend of five years because she didn’t see his vision. On California Dreamin, you start to see Max talk about the importance of chasing your dreams and overcoming self-doubt. This album is a double-edged sword, at times you’ll be hit with very emotional situations and energy, while others you’re given some motivational spirit to get up and get to your dreams. 

And so once again, I write out this quote by Bob Marley, “though the road’s been rocky it sure feels good to me.” The journey has been a constant up and down to Max, but it has allowed him to grow and become the individual he is today. And through those situations, he has been in, it allows us to get great music. 

Take a listen to the project below and check out some of the visuals!