Get To Know Sunny Woodz

Introduce yourself

I’m sunnywoodz and only u can prevent forest fires 

When did you first start getting involved with making music?

I first start producing in 2015 just messing around since all my homies rapped and I got a little decent so I kept doing it, I started dj’ing in 2015 when Twista needed a DJ for a Canada show and it was dope as hell so after that I got on it heavy, I started rapping because of supa bwe we were in the studio one day and he made me rap on like five songs then put it out as a tape 

Out of the three, which do you prefer doing most?

I like dj’ing the most because I like to travel and vibe with different people 

Let’s go into your first mixtape, SunnySideUp… how did you make all of these wonderful features happen?

I really just linked with all my homies and I’m glad all my homies dope rappers. I just wanted to put some music out for the homies to smoke to. 

We see the majority of the tracks produced by Zenzanbeats. How did you guys develop your relationship?

I met ZenZan at Hurt Everybody studio a long time ago and we had a dope vibe since the first day we met and been jamming since. 

Following that project, we were all expecting 2017 for you to drop SunnySideUp2… But we never got that. However, you said you’re working on SunnySideUp theEp. What can we expect from this project?

Yea I wanted to put it out but I took a break and worked on Twista tape “Crook County” with him and waited on samples and features to get cleared because I wanted to put this next one out the right way because SunnySideUp I was just dropping stuff random as hell

Do you think you’re going to get your Curren$y collab in 2018?

Yea I hope so I just saw him when he was at Metro in Chicago but I got too high to talk about doing songs.

Out of all the artists you work with, who had been your favorite one to work with?

My favorites are always Supa Bwe and The Boy Illinois because they are my homies and we have a whole session and forget to work on music.