Every Song Is A Different Lesson On Jay Wood’s New Project, RAIN

Introduce yourself

Wassup g, I’m Jay Wood, from the south suburbs of Chicago, one of the rappers in the Freesole collective

When did you first start getting into making music?

I first started writing in 3rd grade. It started off as poetry and by the time I was in highschool the poems turned to raps and the raps turned to songs.

Self Doubt was your debut project last year, and to end out the year, you drop your latest project, RAIN. What did you look to do differently your second time around?

Logistically, I wanted to do a better job at dropping the music. I had initially dropped Self Doubt on spinrilla then added it on to SoundCloud later. Through some other complications, the project was deleted then later re-uploaded and it was just overall confusing for anybody following. I wanted this project to be consistent and on one platform,  SoundCloud. In the future, it may be available on more platforms though. I also wanted to plan out the drop. 3 singles, consistent cover art, a color theme etc.  Sonically, I wanted more energy in the music, things I could perform, sounds that would make your heart race. The producers definitely delivered on that aspect.

The third song on the project, Destiny, you pulled Christian Jalon and Oliv Blu for this one. You slowed things way down for this one, what was this song about?

The inspiration behind this song is actually the sample for SOMETHING TO GIVE.  which is Loose Ends- You Can’t Stop The Rain. The lyrics go like this

“There will come a day when the lightning will crash

Maybe then we’ll see…
Everything we’ve known all gone in a flash
Is this our destiny?”

I just felt like this embodied the feel and goal of the whole tape. Desire, Conflict, Fear of the unknown, while simultaneously providing the perfect aesthetic. However, I didn’t do any of the writing on this song, I sent it to Christian JaLon and she understood 100 percent what I was trying to do and I got the song back within minutes. I actually teared up the first time I listened to the song, it was so genuine and real. The next day I called Oliv Blu and asked her if she could add something to. Once again before that night was over I had something in my email. That type of authenticity is what art is all about.

You said, “With every song, I’m learning to better tell my story so that someone else can learn from it” What do you want people to take away from your music?

I feel like every song is a different lesson. I dont wanna be constricted to one theme for everything I make but as far as the project goes, I want people to know that no matter how bad the conflict, there is something positive to take from it, there is always a reason to grow.  I also want people to know that its ok to be imperfect, there is real power in vulnerability, and that’s really my main motto, just be you.

With it now being a few weeks since you released the project, do you feel like you accomplished everything you wanted to with Rain?

The response that rain had was honestly beautiful. I had two listening parties, celebrated my birthday and overall I would say RAIN. is a success. But with it being so young, the project is not to be forgotten about. I still have plans on what I can do with the project. Hopefully, you guys get to see them in action 

What was the inspiration behind the song LET HIM IN, and why did you decide to finish the project with it?

The idea behind LET HIM IN. is based off the “foot in the door” idea. It’s basically about me telling the gatekeepers of the industry/success/happiness to let me and Freesole in.  But the tape has this duality where I also wanted the song to feel like trying to get into a party. You can hear the music, You can see the girls getting in without waiting in line, you bussin a fit,  you can probably smell the party if it’s really bussin you can feel the heat of the party, but for one reason or another, you not in there yet. That anxious energy is what I wanted this song to feel like, sitting outside a party trying to get in before it gets shut down. And that’s why I ended the tape on that note. So that listeners would be on their toes about what happens next and are eager to hear the first song on my next project. I design my music so that you can play every project through back to back and it would sonically work. Also, Kanye’s stronger and the entire MBDTF and 808’s was a strong influence on this song. Kanye never could really just end a song at that point in his career, I wanted to pay homage with the long outro.