Nuworld Kayo Is Ready To Deliver In 2018


Introduce yourself

I go by the name of Nuworld Kayo. I’m an 18-year-old rap artist out of Chicago, IL. I’m currently located in Clearwater, FL to lock in on some projects I’m working on throughout 2018.

When did you first start getting into music?

I’ve been a fan of rap music since forever. I was a young guy blasting Eminem, Jay-Z, and everything else that mattered at the time. But I first got into making music around 4th grade. I did poetry in between classes and one of my teachers at the time, Kareem Abdullah, saw me and started mentoring me. Then eventually got me into rap.  

This year you put out, Southside Blue Hearts, talk about the inspiration behind this project.

Honestly, though you can’t hear it in the music, I was in a dark place. Creatively. Nothing was going as planned, it became hard to outdo myself, and ultimately I just wasn’t feeling the music scene. But SBH came about one random night. I must’ve written like 5 songs. Like, BANGERS. I began drawing up ideas and figuring out what direction I wanted to go in and within a few months, I had a solid body of work that was centered around home, life, my angels/demons, and everything I was feeling at the time. The artwork, title and everything else just fell into place.

Two songs a lot of people enjoyed were Strange Fruit and For Heavens Sake. What were these songs about?

Strange Fruit was simply how me and some friends were feeling about the political climate we’re in. Pigs are actually killing people on a daily basis and getting away with it. I don’t think I need to further explain the anger and frustration I had that stemmed from that. That was a song that sort of wrote itself. 

For Heaven’s Sake, it was just me wanting to rap. More than anything else. A constant topic found its way into each bar I wrote, so it became what it did. But there was no finish line or point I had in mind. What makes me, me is the fact that I can rap. Very well haha. I just wanted to do some lyrical exercise over a soulful instrumental. That’s all.


How was it working with themind on like that?

Beyond great! He’s an exceptional artist and a very professional businessman. Nothing but respect for him. Clearly, that duo breeds great music so we’ll definitely have some more in store soon. 

Going into 2018 you’re going to be releasing one song a month. Are we going to get a project as well? Any features?

Yes! I have so much content it’s crazy. It’s hard deciding what to give now and what to save for the project. So I’ll definitely be releasing loosies every month, with visuals to complement a few of them, here and there. I can’t 100% guarantee a project but if I get in that space with my producer (THRD) anything can happen. I can’t see myself not releasing a full body of work so I’d say just pay attention.

Describe your sound in three words

It’s hard to answer this without sounding wild corny, but I’d have to say lyrical, informative, and timely. Good raps over A1 production that usually carries out a message or theme.