Evolving Over The Years, Led To Leaf Set’s Brand New Project, FILM.

Introduce yourselves

First off we want to thank you guys for doing this!!

Kwame Akil(production, lead vox & professional drink spiller)- Cptn. Swami! AKA Buck Stuffemz, lil deer. I’m a self-taught shaman.

Jordan Dillman(Gtr, production &vox)-River Jordan….but my fern calls me Kip Fletcher.

DAX(Drums, Vox & Production) Bunk mate to all yo exes you shoulda kept up with.

Dave G (Bass)- I smoke the most weed. Catch me on a bridge puffin yo girls grass. Tequila.

Rachel Bernard (Photography)-I’m Lil Rach, but you already knew that.

Drake Speidel (DJ, Center, Shortstop, Creative consultant) Behind the scenes.

How did you guys all come together to form Leaf Set? How hard is it working as a group?

Jordan and I (Kwame) met because of some mutual friends and a common interest of alcohol. Turns out we were both looking for a creative outlet. We started a jam band with some other friends that grew into Leaf. Drake and Rachel came on when we (early leaf bois) were filming Drone with Pat. Rachel had just turned a new page in her life and was heavy on the camera at the time. Everyone went to the same HS so Drake was a mutual friend of us all. His swag was crazy, we could use someone like him on the creative side. Dax ended up moving in with Drake bout a year later. He’s was just very gangly and down with all contextual gas. It just made sense, he was so fucking good at drums. Dave was the last addition. He met us at the musical trap house on California. At the time Phoelix, Elton Aura, Jasp Blake Davis, and Lip were all staying there. Found out he was into punk rock and fuck shit so we hit it off.

(Rach) I and Kwame were in marching band together sooooo we were actually the first bandmates. Letting that be known lol.

(Swam)It’s really not hard to work together as long as communication is open. We’ve grown as friends over the years so nothing is off the table as far as what needs to be said. That and actually being friends is important. We cant just link up to work.

(Dave) We all hit the same bottle, same blunt, same song.

Two years ago you guys dropped Eternal Return, talk about this project.

(Riv) That shit succ lol.

(Swam) It was first our science project together. Trying to figure out how to mix our styles in the best way. We definitely were throwing shit at the wall to see what stuck. Then Drone got embedded to the hilt. We had the jump off.

Now, two years later, you guys are returning with your new project FILM. What can we expect differently this time around?

(Drake) Everything is different. Everyone has evolved in some way, shape, or form. We have new crewmates.. (Dax, Dave, Jeremy) songs are better, mixes are better, more alcohol. Everyone has lived more life and grown. We can put new experiences into this project. Season 2 we know what to do and how to do it.

(Swam) W/ film, we wanted to really capture moments. The album is diverse but cohesive. With each song, we hit a different lane. We wanted to show our diversity and really put our foot in this Chicago scene.

Now-a-days, so much music sounds the same. How do you look to stay different?

(Band) We haven’t heard of any punk-rock/rap crossover bands as of late. Plus we hit that smooth shit on a punk bitch. We’re just making the type of shit we want to hear and put on the shows we would want to see.

Are you nervous about the sophomore slump?

(All) No.

What’s been your thoughts on the Chicago music scene?

(Swam) It’s wide open!! Its filled with the worlds best musicians/ tastemakers and it shows. Being as we’re not entirely from Chicago we have a story to tell. We keep telling yall about what Fox Valley has to offer. Leaf Set is really just doing us though. Worrying about the next man will have you trying to be something you’re not.