Growing Up A White Sox Fan, And Now Being Able To Shoot For The White Sox Is A Dream Come True For FotoGenocide

Introduce yourself

Whats up everyone, my name is Chris Tejeda (FotoGenocide). I’m 22 years old and currently a photographer for the Chicago White Sox & artist Logan.
When did you decide to pick up a camera for the first time?
I decided to pick up a camera probably late 2014 early 2015. It was never something I really wanted to do but after my high school days I didn’t know what I wanted in life, I felt so lost. I was literally sitting there like wtf can I do. A regular 9 to 5 just didn’t sit well with me; I needed something different. One day a camera just came to my attention, just something about it felt right so I just started to look at cameras. I was dead broke, didn’t even know a damn thing about cameras and knew I couldn’t afford anything but just couldn’t resist. As the days went on I started to open up about it more with family & let it be known that it was something I really wanted to give a shot. Weeks later my brother surprised me with the camera without even questioning the decision, he always supported my decisions & once he realized it was something I really wanted to pursue; he blessed me with the opportunity, now it was up to me to make shit happen. Ever since that day my camera hasn’t left my hands, this is the most motivated I’ve been in a long time & to this day I wake up wanting to learn more & do whatever I can to get better. It’s truly a beautiful thing.
When did you meet Logan and how big of an impact has Logan had on your photography career?
I met Logan my freshman year of high school which was like 2010. I actually met him through a few of my homies I knew since grade school, they went to high school with Logan & one day they asked if he could slide w/ them so I figured why not. I know my homies wouldn’t be w/ him if he was up to no good then next thing you know it started to become an everyday thing. Logan has had a huge impact on photography career, we were together when the whole photography thing came to mind, we talked about it & he supported me 100%. He was also coming up in Chicago with his music so we instantly put two and two together & from that day on he let me start shooting EVERYTHING for him. That’s my brother right there, he believed in me when nobody else did.
What’s it been like shooting for the Chicago White Sox?
Shooting for the White Sox has been a dream come true. Growing up playing baseball and being a Sox fan has made this experience mean so much more. I truly appreciate the game and do my best to show how beautiful the sport really is. It still doesn’t even feel real. HUGE s/o to the White Sox for giving me the opportunity.
Who has been your favorite Whitesox player you’ve shot?
I’d have to say Tim Anderson Jr. is one of my favorites. Before I started shooting for the White Sox I would just buy tickets to as many games as possible just to take my camera for some shots & get them on Instagram ASAP then one day he posted it and actually gave me photo credit which made me realize maybe I’m doing something right. After that one shot, it started to pick up immediately. I have a huge amount of respect for him on and off the field.
Is there a little friendly competition between you and Logan on the Cubs vs Sox?
Yeah, there’s definitely some friendly competition lmao. He knows whats up though, he’s gonna be a salty man soon.
Looking back on your life, five years ago did you ever think you would be doing the work you’re doing now?
This definitely wasn’t something I was expecting. 5 years ago, I was in a pretty dark place at that time so I’m just beyond thankful to be able to be doing something I love and most importantly something that makes me happy.
In five years from now, where would you like your photography career to be?
There’s no telling, I’m just trying to keep working hard every day to better myself as a person & even better photographer. Hard work always pays off, this is only the beginning.


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