After Taking A Slight Hiatus, Kuya Kevin Is Excited To Slowly Get Back Into Things

Back in August, you put this book together. How was that experience for you?

It was one of the coolest things ever, it was all pink and it had an ISBN on it which I thought was pretty neat. Also seeing a lot of my portraits in a book had to be one of the coolest things ever. It was a great feeling having to sit and sign every book that was being ordered by someone.



For a little bit, you took a break from Instagram, seems like you’re back now. Are you feeling good creatively right now?

The thing about breaks on social media is that people will forget about you, I’m not a dude who cares about numbers to be honest so I do this most frequently. Instagram is a lot of pressure for me, too many people watching and it bothers me, so I gotta always take a break because I’m always on my phone and that shit is super bad. This time though with high school being over I took the time to figure out what I want to do and focus on school, Instagram isn’t gonna pay for my future nor will the likes and followers.

While taking this slight social rest, what were you able to learn about yourself and your creativity?

I went from wanting to major in psychology to finally decide to do computer science, which was super important for me. I was pretty stuck on what I wanted to do and how I wanted to go about my time after high school, it’s safe to say I’m steady on the route I chose. A lot of creatives love trying to be weird to stick out so they focus on trying to be super popular and that’s just not me. My creativity has been coming back with ideas of photo shoots and clothes, I’m excited to slowly get back into things. However it’s not really a priority, it’s definitely a hobby.

Since our last interview, it looks like you’ve started to put a lot more effort and work into Must Be Nice. I’m starting to see full on collections from you now. Was that always the goal since starting the brand?

I’ll say this, I was not at all expecting any of this to go this far. It was all a matter of “hey let’s see where this goes!” It’s really nice to see that I’ve been able to make full on collections and try new looks. I feel like Joe fresh goods at times, If I ever get to his level from this that would be the craziest thing to me

Talk about this recent collection and lookbook you put together

I recently dropped an October line, because it was the month where I essentially started coming back into doing my hobbies. I got to shoot A$ap mob, had a good amount of photo shoots planned out. It just seemed like the perfect time to do it, I got with my homies and we killed it at the studio. I went for this yearbook vibe which I really love, the clothes themselves are just so different than what I usually produce so it made me happy to see people enjoy them.


Closing out the year, what can we expect from Kevin and Must Be Nice?

Super tough question, I’m honestly not so sure. So far everything I’ve done has been unexpected even to myself. However, I do wanna get involved in video so quote me on this so I don’t give up on that. Hopefully more clothes and photos!
I guess we all gotta wait and see what happens!