An Introduction To Cae Jones

Introduce yourself

Yerrrrr wasup I’m Cae Jones, I just try and have as much fun as I can lol.

When did you first start getting into making music?

I think I started trying to make my own music in like Junior year of high school, I was kind of a late bloomer. I took some piano lessons for a few years when I was younger, I used to make piano covers on facebook in middle school (LMAO) but I think picking up a guitar in sophomore year was really what made me wanna get serious with it. 


Three years ago you debuted your introduction to the game project, “Too Uncool”, is a new project something we can expect from you coming up?

I definitely have some things in motion right now, I always get super picky with my stuff when it comes to projects so I’m trying to be more open and relaxed with everything. Can’t say when exactly but yeah, absolutely.

Talk about your new song and the visuals for ‘Hunnit

Really all I’m saying in Hunnit is just be yourself like there’s a lot of people that either fake knowledge about something to fit in or try and do things they aren’t comfortable with, and it shows. Just be yourself dawg be honest lol if you like some shit go hard for it if you don’t know everything about something nobody’s gonna look down on you for keeping it a stack! If they do their lames, being yourself should just be how it is! I traveled home to Rochester for the video, it’s where the song started and I wanted to keep the good energy flowing there, and I wanted to do something cool in my city, I’m hardly ever home anymore. Shoutout KZA K’ Lee for producing, Itenji Films for directing, and Ishmael Raps and Midnight for the cameos, and Midnight’s Volvo.
Who do you like working with most in the city of Chicago?
Mannn there are so many talented people out here it’s ridiculous. My good homies Jaro and BanksTheGenius have played a huge part in me finding my sound, Neonpajamas has been helping me grow ever since I met him, and my brothers in Chinza//Fly without a doubt. Everything is so organic all the time, I make my best work with them every time hands down. 

One person I see you very close with is Ishmael Raps, how did you first meet and develop your relationship with him? 

So back in the day, I came across one of his posts on facebook asking if anyone could play guitar for a remix of one of his songs. I hit him up, we made the song and then we started kicking it pretty much every day after that. I hadn’t really made any music of my own when we were first hanging out and he pushed me intro trying out rapping and writing songs and I just kept going. Not too much later he started NOFAIRONES and I became a part of it and from then on we really just started coming up and learning about this whole game together. That’s my brother for real.

For someone who has never listened to your music before, what are three songs you would tell them to listen to?

Low Lights (Acoustic), Garden, and GO WATCH THAT HUNNIT VIDEO