Take A Look Into Hooligan Brand’s Latest Collection Inspired By FUBU

Today you debut your new collection. What inspired this new project?

It’s a collection paying homage to Platinum Fubu one of my favorite collaborations EVER!

What did you like so much about FUBU?

The hustle behind Fubu. The owner put every single dollar into his brand. First year he made everything out of a crib in LA with illegal immigrants that he paid and like the world ate it up! An urban brand that started like many of us are now and is now a billion-dollar business. And it was the hottest shit when I was kid lol.

Do you still feel like Chicago’s Underground Streetwear King? And if so, why?

Hell yea!! I respect everyone in the game right now and the product they bring to the table but just competitive in me knows many are cutting corners and still not executing like me.

What can we expect at tonight’s event?

Dope designers really. Got merchandise from not just me, but others I feel are killing right now and on sight custom printing from the top underground printer in the city. Make sure to check it out, it’s from 6-9pm at 2258 W. Grand Avenue.