Five months ago I check my email and I received an e-mail from a guy named Quentin. Quentin reached out to me and told me about him being apart of a new hip-hop duo here in Chicago and they go by Angry Blackmen. The other member of the group is Brian Warren. The group was formed early this year in hopes to shake up the Chicago music scene. Their goal is to make “alternative hip-hop for weird black kids.” They reached out to me to premiere their first single, which was called, ‘OK!’. For their first single, they started to really get people focused on them. Locally, blogs started to take notice, but then got national exposure with Earmilk featuring them on their site. I’d say that’s pretty good for a first single…..And now we fast forward five months and Angry Blackmen is back with a brand new single. Smile, is their latest single. It’s a song about black dudes being happy. If you listen closely, you can tell this song is really close to the heart of both members.

Make sure to take a listen to Smile and crack a smile….  


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