Get To Know Josi Green

Introduce yourself

My name is Josi Green i’m a 25 year old artist from Chicago, IL that lives in Houston, TX. I’m a writer of many different angles of music. I try not to box myself in as an artist because I can do so much. I can get on a record and be lyrical and/or conscious as kendrick or I can serenade women like Drake, it’s all dependent on my mood. 

How was life growing up?

Honestly life wasn’t bad growing up, I had super tough moments but i’m not going to front like i just struggled all my life. All in all Chicago made me mentally tough. I moved around A LOT between Chicago and the south suburbs (Shoutout to Riverdale) and I was never like a piss poor kid but we were never close to rich either. My parents split when I was 8 and we lived between 82nd and essex and 60th and lasalle for a while. My pops has always been job to job and my mom was forced to move with my grandma in Riverdale. From the time that i was 8 until i was 16 I slept on the floor at my grandma’s house then I moved out at 18. I would say that i had to grow up relatively faster than most of my peers. 

When did you begin to witness you had creative talents?

In 2009 I had laid my first rap, needless to say it was pretty trash. I never stopped though and I linked up with Ro (Plainro) in 2014 out in Champaign and we did a project called The Taste and the response was crazy. From that point on I just never stopped trying to perfect my craft. 

How did you first start get into making music?

I started making music at 11. I was apart of this christian rap group and we would perform at the youth nights at my school. I fell off with the music for a while because baseball was my main focus until I hit about 16 I started to write again because my favorite cousin got killed. That was like the fuel to the fire inside of me honestly. 

Talk to us about your music collective AIM

A.I.M. (Artistically Intelligent Minds) is a collective of Ausar (whom y’all may hear me refer to as ugly folks), Plainro, and myself. These guys are not only the most talented produced and artists combinations but they keep me level headed at times when I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s one thing to be around great artists but what means the most to me about these guys is that they are genuine friends and human beings. 

Today, F O C U S, turns one years old. What have you learned in this last year?

I’ve grown more comfortable with my sound is and i’ve learned a lot more about marketing myself which is why i haven’t dropped another project yet but i do have like 3 projects in the works. My next project will be called “CLOSURE”. 

Why do you think Lupe is one of the best of all time?

I don’t think anyone is remotely close to being as lyrical as Lupe. I think you can argue Old Wale, Old Kendrick, Earl Sweatshirt and Ab Soul but other than them I don’t even see many rappers that can compare. I honestly believe Lu was the sacrificial lamb for both J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar’s mainstream success. It always seems like he had to take a fall for them to rise. If Lupe was a new artist coming in their era he would definitely be on top right now. The first verse to Sittin Sideways is my favorite strictly because it’s just super Chicago. 

You just dropped a new single, afraid of heights. Talk about that record

Man bro…A lot of people have been telling me i’m next up for about 4 years now and this song was basically reflection of that pressure i’ve been feeling which drove me into a deep depression within these past two years. Afraid of Heights is like listening to the dairy of an introvert that’s afraid of pushing everything and everyone away because he wants to attain his goals that bad. I just have to thank God that I have great friends and a beautiful girlfriend that always remind me who I am and who i’m going to be. 

When it’s all said and done how would you like to be remembered?

I want people to always know that every single move that i make and height that i’ve reached is because God enabled me to do so, so that I can inspire others. I think musical accolades are great and being respected as one of the greatest rappers to live is even greater but none of this matters if they don’t know I made it because of my Lord and savior.