Max Witt Premieres New Music Video, The Let Go

The Let Go is part of an album that Max will be releasing in the relatively near future titled Yesterday Is Tomorrow. He made The Let Go near the end of a 5 year relationship and it was essentially at a point in time where he knew the relationship would be coming to an end just based on the fact that he and the woman he was with were headed in such different directions in life and the future that they envisioned for themselves didn’t necessarily picture each other anymore.
Regarding the video, the general idea was that we would showcase the difference in how men and women handle loss, emotional distress, sadness, etc. We spent months beforehand reading essays on the subject as well as interviewing tons of men and women, asking them about what their process was after the end of a relationship. The most effective way we felt to portray this was to have a literal side-by-side of a man and woman post-breakup going through life trying to grieve and heal but also get back to a sense of normalcy. The video was shot entirely in Los Angeles by Brandon Holmes and also features Gabrielle Balsz, a singer/actor, who played the other lead role.