Bombay Boyz Debut Their First Project Together, Sapphire Theory

Introduce yourselves
We are the Chicago based hiphop duo, Bombay Boyz. Comprised of Harrison Maxwell and Eric Wilhelm. Our motto is LITM which is an acronym meaning “Live In The Moment.” 
When did you guys first link up?
We first linked up at the very end of the year in 2010, we were both juniors in A Cappella choir at Omaha Centra High School. We used to have a much larger all guy crew back then and we would show up to parties with bottles of Bombay Sapphire and we were unofficially dubbed “The Bombay Boyz.” 
Why did you guys decide to come together to make music?
When we got to Columbia College in the South Loop (2012) something just clicked in our brains and we thought we could dive right in and go after our dreams of making music and performing. It took a little longer than that obviously, eventually we decided to take the high school moniker and embrace it as our duo name, dropping our first song at the very end of 2014. 
Today you guys debut your first project together called Sapphire Theory. Talk about the concept and inspiration behind this project.
Sapphire Theory is all about gaining perspective with substance and vice. Obviously we love Bombay Sapphire gin and for us it symbolizes the fact that temptation/vice/pleasure inducing things will always be there to distract us. At the same time Sapphire has to do with color theory, energies, chakras, and crystals! We both have been delving into the study of Kundalini the lady 6 months so that is definitely an influence. It also tells some stories/anecdotes about time living in Chicago and al that we’ve come to know and experience. 
What’s your guys favorite track from this project?
It’s tough to pick a favorite from your own 6 babies, but “Cold” was really fun to create because we got to work with the talented Orlando Coolridge, Slumpgang777 member who’s also a No Coast battle rapper. Another hip hop duo, Palmer Squares, spit over this beat too a few years back, creating a competitive drive in lyricism for us! 
Describe who the Bombay Boyz are in three words.
Lyrical, conscious, and energetic. 
Can we expect more music throughout the rest of the year?
You can expect at least 2-3 more singles featuring Chicago artists, but a second EP is already in the works!