Looking Back: Free Crack

In anticipation of Lil Bibby dropping Free Crack 4 in the near future, let’s look back at where it all began. Free Crack was released in late November of 2013 during the peak of drill music and was considered an instant classic by hip-hop lovers worldwide. Even with most of the tape being recorded in a closet, it had regular kids at his school to superstars like Drake bumping his music.

It spoke for the masses; especially for the youth of Chicago. Lil Bibby explains that he was speaking of what he knew and what he was going through at the time. When asked about what his life was like growing up in an interview given by Noisey, he replies, “It was crazy.” And that it was.

Growing on the East Side, it’s no secret that it can be a dangerous place. That’s one of the reasons why Bibby’s project turned so many heads. His raps were super blunt about what life was like in his hood. In other words, he kept it real and gave zero fucks if he offended anyone. It’s evident in his music. Listen to “Raised Up” to understand what I mean.

This project did not change Chicago. That wasn’t the goal for Bibby or anybody else who worked on this project. This was a project made to accurately portray a lifestyle that many people live yet most people don’t know about. With that in mind, this mixtape smashed that goal and led to the successful career path that Lil Bibby leads today.

Written By: Serena