Manwolves: A six-piece band out of Evanston that blends Jazz and Hip-Hop

What’s going on guys, introduce yourselves

Hey man, we are Manwolves, a six-piece band based out of Evanston, Illinois.

How did you guys all meet?

Manwolves: A few of us grew up together in the same elementary school and middle school. We all then came together in High School.

When did you begin to witness your creative talents?

Jamie: I’ve always been into creative mediums. I first was into drawing comic books. Over time I got into playing music in the 4th grade. I played the French horn, guitar, and bass. When Manwolves started, that’s when I decided to start giving singing a chance.

Do you guys have more knowledge of music now since you’ve come together to start this band?

Manwolves: The best thing about this group is that we all come from different musical backgrounds. We learn new shit about eachother and music everyday.

When did you guys come together to start Manwolves?

Manwolves: We came together in the summer of 2014.


Where did the name Manwolves come from?

Jamie: I was really into movies as a kid and there was one movie that stuck with me, An American Werewolf in London. Since I was so young at the time, my Mom wanted to lighten things up, so she decided to call it “Manwolves”. As I became older, I started calling my group of friends “Midwest Manwolves”. When we came together to start the band, we really had no idea of names and I decided that we drop the Midwest and roll with Manwolves.

What was the first project you guys put out?

Manwolves: The first project we put out was our self-titled EP. On our soundcloud we only kept 2 of the 5 songs because the other three we weren’t satisfied with the recording. Still to this day “You” is our biggest song we have released. Spotify ended up putting “You” in their top 50 playlist for a week in January.

After your self-titled, you put out Bad Habits, talk about that project

Manwolves: Bad Habits was like a double single. We really liked both of those songs and decided that they would work well together.

After putting out two EP’s, are you guys looking to put together an album?

Manwolves: Right now we are really focused on writing as organically as possible. We got a bunch of music that we can’t wait to share.

It’s real early in 2017 still, where do you guys look to see yourself by the end of the year?

Manwolves: We hope to just keep working everyday. We’re sitting on a bunch of music that we want to release. Everything is about to be greater in 2017.

When it’s all said and done how would you guys like to be remembered?

Manwolves: We just want people to remember us for making some quality ass tunes.


Written By: Nicholas Rud