Mikey Hash is here for you.

What’s going on introduce yourself to the people

Yo, I’m Mikey Hash, a 24 year old in Chicago.

How was life growing up for you?

Life growing up was filled with a lot of drama. I moved around a lot because my Mom was married to a guy in the army. My later teenage years I got into skateboarding and really started to take it more seriously within the last couple years.

Do you think you were creative since birth?

Nobody is born with a skill. Skills take time and practice to master. The first creative medium I worked with was painting and that started in my SR year of Highschool.

When did you begin to appreciate music?

SR year of highschool I started getting into my creative side, whether it be music or painting. Up to my SR year I just wasn’t paying attention to creative outlets. I first started listening to Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Sly & The Family Stone, Rick James, Snoop Dogg, and Ice Cube.

At what age then did you start making music?

Right after highschool I made my first song. My friend had a mic and he wanted me to come over to record. 3 years later I started to take music more seriously. People like Earl Sweartshirt, Dmx, Juelz Santana, and others influenced me. My music was to show the messed up things I’ve been through in life. I figured it would be easier for people to appreciate stories in musical form.

When did you get into producing?

It may sound crazy, but I produced my first song last year. I’ve wanted to produce for a while though. I love guys like Samiyam, The Alchemist, Mike Foisey, Knxwledge, and Left Brain

What was the first song you put out?

The first song I put out was called “Sample Shirley”. This was the first good song. I was rapping over a Flying Lotus beat I found on Youtube. The first project I put out was called “Twenty7Club”. After that project got put out, people actually realized I could rap foreal. Three songs were buzzing before I even put the tape out. (Nhbrd, 3:16, Trey). From the concepts to the videos to the songs, everything flowed together perfectly.


Kung Pao is a producer we see on a lot of your records. Explain your guy’s relationship

I was talking to an old friend of mine and he was sending me beats, which ended up being Paos beats. I never really hit him up but I followed him and he eventually reached out to me and sent me beats. When he sent me those beats I was like I need to work on these. He is always sending me stuff to work on and is always keeping me on toes. To me, its very important to have a go to producer.

To end the year last year you released “Chicago “Winters” Talk to us about that project

The concept came about when I visited Chicago for the first time in 2014. That first trip made me realize I need to come back here more and more, which I did. People in the city showed me mad love. Tano The Great sent me the beats for the project and they sounded so cold, hence where the winter concept came from. I really liked how this project came out. Jeff Hardy was my favorite song from the project.

Do you change your style from project to project?

100%. It’s not on purpose its progression. I can’t not progress.

What do you look to prove to people this year?

I have nothing to prove to anybody. While listening to my music I would like people to know that I’m here to help them get through their struggles and feel comfortable.

What Chicago artists do you want to work with?

Adot is the only Chicago artist I would like to work with. 

What’s next for Mikey Hash?

Videos will be coming soon. I’m looking to drop more singles than eps this year around and will have videos for all of those singles. Videos will be important to me this year. I want people to see me more.

Written By: Nicholas Rud