Get To Know Sam Kfare

What’s going on man, introduce yourself

What’s up, I’m Sam Kfare, originally from New Jersey, but now residing in Chicago. I call myself a creative, one that works with photography and video.

How was life growing up?

Growing up was cool. I had a hard time with school growing up, which then forced me to not like school. Not liking school helped me become more creative and make me who I am today. I’m thankful for my parents and the way they raised me as well, they helped me turn into the man I am now as well and the way I go about life.

At what age did you begin to find your love for Art?

During the holidays growing up my parents bought me a mini DV camcorder; from there I started to spend majority of my teenage years recording. I would record funny little YouTube videos, people knew me as the photo/video guy. In high school I then took all of the photo classes I could.

What caused the move to Chicago?

I felt I needed to get out of New Jersey. I couldn’t expand there anymore. I decided I was going to go to school and I picked Columbia College to attend. When I moved to Chicago I really started to expand and grow more, I started shooting street photography, but then quickly realizing I could do more than street photography, and switched my focus to working more artists and brand driven photography. Being in Chicago for a couple of years now has made me feel confident on where I am and what I have been able to accomplish, and I knew I wouldn’t be in this position if I was still in New Jersey.

What sparked your interest to get involved with photography?

I really liked the idea of capturing moments and being able to look back on them.

After spending years now shooting, why has photography become so important to you?

Photography has given me a lot of friends, connections, and allowed me to do many things around the world. At 21 years old, I’ve been able to shoot photos in Milan/Paris for fashion week, go to SXSW to shoot for Martin $ky, and shoot Lucki out in New York City. I’m blessed and forever thankful for the position I’m able to be in.

(Paris/Milan Fashion Week)




What’s your favorite style of photography to shoot?

I’ve fallen in love with studio photography.

Do you prefer to shoot film more than digital?

I love film, but clients don’t want to hear, “Oh this roll messed up”, or “You’re going to have to wait a week until it gets developed.” Clients want to see how everything is turning out as it’s going. Digital is easier, but film is more fun when you don’t have a cause.

As one whom does photography and cinematography, which do you prefer more?

I love photography, but I do want to get more into creative videos, music videos, and short films. When I build a bigger name for myself I’ll possibly transition into video more.

How did you and Lucki develop your guy’s relationship? Can we expect any new videos coming soon?

I used to work with Fat Tiger taking photos for Joe, Terrell, Brandon, Max, and Des, it was a fun time. One day Rello posted on twitter who could shoot some studio work, so I hit him up. The first shots I ever did for them were shots in the studio with Lucki. After the shoot they realized they really liked my photos, so we continued working, I continued shooting for Fat Tiger and Lucki.

New music video for Bloodboy freestyle will be coming soon.

You were able to work at The88 a creative agency based out of NYC. How did you get to meet the guys over there?

I e-mailed them out of nowhere, and they really liked my work! After two interviews, I obtained a position at the agency. The experience was awesome I got to work with a lot of big brands and help with their branding.


We see you in NYC a lot. Do you prefer New York rather than Chicago?

I like Chicago for certain reasons and NYC for other reasons. I think New York tends to be a bit more artistic, while Chicago is more business oriented. Chicago is a great place to get started!


What are other creative mediums you are looking to get involved with?

I would like to get into painting and fashion. I love abstract art so much. One of my favorite places is the modern contemporary art museum. Also, I really love fashion, as I’ve been able to work with Urban Oxygen, Notre Shop, and Fat Tiger.

Lets talk about your editing for a bit. Why do you prefer to add a lot of grain to your photos?

I really don’t know where it comes from, I just really like dark photos. I love that gritty street feel, even in studio photography. I’m going to start experimenting with more styles with very little grain.

Do you feel like you’re underrated here in Chicago?

I feel like sometimes I don’t get the respect I deserve, but then I also have to remember there are so many other photographers here in the city. My style isn’t a very corporate style; it takes a bit of time for people to get in tune with my aesthetic. The people who have seen my work really appreciate what I put out though which is good. I’ve gotten the right amount of exposure and I’m perfectly okay with where I am. I don’t necessarily even care about having some huge following on Instagram, I’ve seen huge social media followings with terrible engagement with their followers. I’d rather have 100 followers and 100 likes, than 100k followers with a couple 100 likes. I’ve learned that Instagram isn’t real life; it’s just a platform.

What are three brands you would like to shoot for in the future?

Y-Project, Ader Error, YSL, and let me add another one, Dior.

As 2016 comes to an end, what could we be expecting from you?

You’ll see me working with Seb a lot. I really want to start producing more creative conceptual shots as well. One thing I really want to do is throw a gallery show as well, I feel like I deserve one. I’m going to continue having fun and working hard no matter what, even on my lowest days I’m looking to be positive, and that’s what keeps me motivated.

When it’s all said and done how do you want to be remembered in this world?

I want to be remembered as someone who really cared about the work I put out and not just an Instagram photographer.

Written By: Nicholas Rud