Back at it again with a new interview. This week i’ll be featuring Franky AKA ShotsByGucci. Franky is a photographer. I’ve been following his work for about a year now, he’s really good friends with BoyWonder– that’s how I found out about his work. We were able to finally meet up and kick it. He’s a super good dude. His photos vary with all different styles which I love. Check out his story below!

Whats going on introduce yourself?

What’s going on, my name is Franky, some people call me Gucci. I’m a photographer

ShotsByGucci – Where did that name come from?

My first instagram name was Gucci flower. I then made a photography account. I changed my name to ShotsByGucci to focus on what I was going to be doing which was photography.

How long have you been a photographer for?

I’ve been shooting now for a year and a half now. It has been the best decision I’ve made. It has been life changing in all ways possible. It gave me a meaning to life. I’ve been able to connect with so many people and travel.

What got you started in photography?

I was into graffiti before photography. With the love I had for graffiti, I wanted to be able to document all of the art I was seeing throughout the city.

What are you shooting with right now?

I’m currently shooting with a Canon 6d and a 50mm lens.

I see you with Corban (Boywonder) a lot, when did that relationship start?

Around 9 years ago we met at Logan Square skatepark. I was skating and Corban was biking. We then began to get close and hang out. Around 2 years ago we began to get very close and now I consider him one of my best friends. Corban really helped me develop my craft. He played a big part in helping me take my editing skills to the next level.


What photographers are constantly inspiring you to work harder?

For me I’d have to say Fursty and Baariks Gallery.

Describe your editing process

For me my main focus is trying to bring out more colors and clarity in the image. I like dark grimy looking photos.

Over the past couple years you’ve been able to travel to some sweet spots. Where has been your favorite spot?

New York is by far my favorite spot. I went last year four times


-Whats your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

Haha man. Check this story. My most recent trip to New York we were chilling by the river in Brooklyn. Around 2 pm 3 little kids came up to us. They had four lokos and a bunch of beers. I took a portrait of the little kid holding the four lokos. I then ended up losing the picture.

What type of photography do you enjoy the most?

I prefer shooting portraits. I love portraits actually. Real portraits. Not necessarily the street life ones, but ones of my friends. I’m into shooting portraits because I love catching a moment I’ll never be able to re create.

Back in November you were shooting at the protests for Lacquan McDonald. What was the emotion like that night?

The emotion was crazy on both sides. It was very emotional. I was neutral in this situation, but I was able to understand both sides. It was sad to see innocent cops victimized for one person’s actions. Also it was very unfortunate that it had to happen the week of Thanksgiving.

You were just in New York a couple weeks back. How’s NY compared to Chicago?

Man, New York is so much better, bigger, and there’s much more to shoot. The train system in NYC is amazing. I loved taking pictures of the trains

What are some goals you’re looking to achieve as a photographer?

One of my goals would be to go on tour with someone like Asap Rocky. I also would love to shoot for a really big company that allows me to have creative control.

With the following you have been developing, has instagram became a place to get business rather than just photos now?

Oh yeah, most definitely. I’ve been able to get several freelance jobs from instagram. I’ve gotten paid for posting certain pictures for brands as well. I really appreciate instagram. It helps a lot of people with networking, getting jobs and paid. Some people are able to pay their bills with instagram.

Has photography helped you get interested in other mediums?

It’s made me get interested in a lot of different mediums. From photography I really got into architecture and Fashion.

Any Shoutouts/Comments

Shoutout to all my NY homies for showing me around and taking care of me while I was out there. All of my friends who constantly bring me out to shoot with them. Especially Justin. Shoutout to all of my followers and anyone who has supported me from the beginning.